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Discover our range of technical and professional sanitary products: mechanisms, float valves, tanks, support frames, tubchass ... Our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in France.


Our range of sanitary WC products Made in France

Fill Valves

Clara offers a range of universal fill valves that can be adapted to any cistern model (ceramic, plastic, etc...). Their French manufacturing quality makes these products highly resistant. All our products are produced with the best materials on the market.

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Clara proposes a range of mechanisms that can be adapted to any normalized visible cistern. Highly resistant due to its quality of French manufacture. All our products are created with the best materials on the market. In addition to a quick and simple assembly, the use is very appreciated thanks to the shape of the soft-triggering button.

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Clara is specialized in the manufacture of cisterns. They are equipped with our fill valves and mechanisms well-known for their reliability and ease of maintenance.

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ClaraFusion support-frame/cistern

Clara evolves and expands its range of products to explore new markets. From now on, we propose a premounted support-frame/cistern set, the most compact and innovative of the market.

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Support frames

CLARA designs and manufactures the most compact and resistant support-frames on the market.

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Clara produces the most atypical cisterns on the market. Indeed, their shape and dimensions give them several assets such as space-saving and the quality of the flush. The Tubchass is proposed with different triggering systems in order to respond every needs.

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