an expertise

a know-how

Founded in 1965 by Claude RAGOT, a plumber, CLARA became a specialized and well-known company in the creation of sanitary products. Modern workshops, performant injection molding machines and selected raw materials contributed to its reputation. CLARA obtained the ISO 9001
certification in October 2012.

In order to stay at the cutting edge of technical solutions, for any configuration, Clara invests continuously in innovation. Our commitment is reflected by the filing of many patents.

It is no coincidence that CLARA’s products are recognized by all the professionals for years. In addition to manual operations : mounting, finishing touches, packaging, the products are subjects to rigorous trials and controls. A part of our products presents the NF label.

our values our company

At the root of CLARA’s success, the employees with their team spirit, dynamism, love for jobs well done and customer service : orders control and follow up, after sales service, quick answers to clients’ technical requests and shipping of specific documents on request.

Meeting the demand and satisfying our customers are fondamental aspects of our values. To each request, a proper answer. Due to its flexible structure, CLARA is capable of responding every needs.