Located in Brittany since its inception in 1965, CLARA Company design and make technical sanitary products.
We give priority to local actors, specially to some “integration through employment centres” to which we give subcontracting tasks.
Our products are developed following directives from certifications bodies and are subject to strict tests and checks.
The CLARA company is specialised in plasturgy All our plastic parts are injected and assembled in our factory itself located in Britanny.
No assembly is done abroad.
We own all machinery and moulds necessary to make all CLARA products. Hence, we are able to make large production series upon request in a highly responsive way (sets support-frames, fill valves, mechanisms…).
As the last French manufacturers, buying CLARA is a way to take care of the French economy.
It is also taking care of the environment because all the processes are done in the same factory in Brittany.